IGI Gold industry company

is an Egyptian joint stock company working in the field of mining, exploration and production of gold and associated minerals in addition to Processing and Extraction using advanced Chemical and physical tools. IGI gold industry acquired Titan For Rock Salt company with all previous experience and activities to carry out and develop strategies of Exploration, Production and Gold processing.

An alliance was made with Al-Etemad company to sharing experience, add value and maximize gold production.

SO, IGI Gold Industry is Strongly has Extremely Experienced staff in Exploration, Production, Extraction, Technical and Environmental reporting according to international regulations.

We have Experience and Business Precedent

in Egypt, Arabian and African countries as follows:

Egypt: Shalatin Mineral Resources for the production and extraction of gold company in the mines of Abu Marwa and Um shakaeib. Titan Global company for the search and exploration of precious metals, production and extraction. Al-Farabi Mining as a production and extraction contractor. Jebal Mining company for production and extraction. Nubia company for Gold Mining and Extraction. 

Sudan: Almas Mining company in block 12 j in Al Butana area, Gedaref state as a production and extraction contractor. Sudan Mining company in Abu Hamad area as a production and extraction contractor. Eyad Technology Mining company in block 2A3 in red sea area.

Cote d’lvoire: Anbar Mining company as a production and extraction contractor. 

Saudi Arabia: Capital Mining company in Dammam for production and extraction of gold.


our vision

at IGI Gold Industry is to become the leading gold mining company in the industry, renowned for our superior mining practices, cutting-edge technology, and industry leadership.


Our Mission

at IGI Gold Industry is to deliver the highest quality gold to our customers while prioritizing environmental responsibility, safety, and adherence to ethical mining practices. We strive to create sustainable and fair partnerships with our stakeholders while ensuring the growth and success of our company.


Environmental Responsibility

At IGI Gold Industry, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility in our mining operations. We take great care to ensure that our mining operations have minimal impact on the environment. We employ environmentally friendly and sustainable mining practices in our operations to minimize our carbon footprint.


Safety Standards

The safety and well-being of our employees is of utmost importance at IGI Gold Industry. We prioritize safety in our mining operations, implementing comprehensive safety standards and training programs for our employees.